Bled Congresses and Business Tourism


A perfect meeting point
We, the people, are social beings and are drawn closer to each other by different things. Our wish to have fun (which you will certainly not lack at Bled and its surroundings), to get more knowledge( which has been a number of times confirmed by numerous meetings (hotels, halls, everything is ready to be used) and, of course, culture (music and festivals, again and again) as well as sports (Bled, as a rowing centre with a gold Olympic medal, as the most important temporary chess centre in the world, as a scene of Olympic Festival of European Youth).

Associating at Bled is simple, for it lies in the heart of Europe with exceptional international links. And once you get there, you don’t need a car anymore, for everything is within reach of your hands. No matter what you fancy Bled has precisely what you need.

f you are interested in outdoor activities, group activities, activities for companies, team building and organization of sport events, contact us to tel.+386 4 574 55 88 or send an E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.