What to see in Bohinj


Bohinj is simply amazing; there is so much to see and do during ones visit. Among the things that are a “must do and see” are:


Bohinj Lake
sa 05Lake Bohinj is Slovenia`s largest lake, covering the area of 3.2 square kilometres. It is 4 kilometres long and 45 meters deep at its deepest point. Along its shores countless tracks ascend towards high mountain lakes and sunny pastures, glittering with white snow in winter and welcoming colourful flowers in the summer.    







Savica Waterfal
slap savicaSlap Savica is the most well known waterfall in Slovenia . After a short stretch from its source, it slants into a 38 metres long, 45 degree gradient waterfall and then falls almost vertically another 51 metres. The total vertical drop is 78 metres. In addition to the main jet, there is another fork coming to the surface, called the Little Savica (Mala Savica). The waters of the Savica partly flow from the Triglav Lakes Valley and partly from the region of Pršivec. The double waterfall was already admired in the 18 th Century by Balthasar Hasquet, who explored Kormarca and the Triglav Lakes.      





St. John's Church 
bohinj3On the eastern shore of Bohinj Lake , in a particularly picturesque setting, stands one of the most significant architectural and sacral monuments in this part of Slovenia – The church of St John . It is built in simple gothic style and it hides one of the most valuable treasures of Slovenia - frescoes that date back to the 14 th Century. The frescoes of the protectors are very interesting as they indicate the ten activities of the local population      








Mostnice Gorge

mostnicaMostnice Gorge is a narrow canyon with water running through. Following a path along the gorge will lead you past some very interesting rock-formations like “the elephants head”, over a bridge and through forest always accompanied by crystal clear waters. If one decides to continue the journey it will lead you to Voje valley where with a magnificent waterfall Mostnica gorge comes to the light of day .      






Ribnica Falls
ribnicaHigh mountains and clean fresh lake water are unique treasure of Slovenia . There are numerous waterfalls and gorges. One of the less known are waterfalls of Ribnica. Only a few kilometres north-eastern of the lake close to the village of Srednja vas are two waterfalls and the gorge of Ribnica. Access to the waterfalls is easy as a path leads to them whilst for the gorge you need to have additional equipment.     





Vogel Mountain 
vogelVogel Mountain is located at the far end of Bohinj Lake and reaches high above the crystal clear waters. It is a part of the Triglav National Park offering some of the most spectacular views over the whole Bohinja area. In the winter one of Slovenia 's best ski resorts turns into a hikers heaven in the summer. With the modern gondola-cable care one can be surrounded by mountains on 1922 m above sea level in just a couple of minutes – simply fantastic.      





Bohinj Boat
ladjicaThe boat was built in Berchtesgarden and is driven by an environmentally-friendly electric motor taking visitors on a romantic journey from one corner of the lake to the other. The boat can carry from 50 up to a maximum of 70 passengers. So why not seize the opportunity and travel in style .