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Getting to know Slovenia means being among the people in the cities and the countryside, and being alone in the unspoilt greenery of nature. The easiest way to construct a mosaic of the country is to see all the major destinations, to make contact with the locals and to try the food and drink. All of this is simple and easy in Slovenia. However you organise your travel plans, you can expect variety and great enjoyment in your free time. Experiencing Slovenia is sometimes literally in reach of your hands, wherever you go.

Under Attractions and activities you can discover everything that you might like to do in Slovenia. Tourist attractions and sites of natural beauty can lead you where you want. With a few clicks you can learn about all the activities available in Slovenia, and make a reservation or find the contacts you need.








If you want to do something to feel good, check out the various events, or find which of the natural health resorts and wellness centres suit you best. Good food and drink always contribute to feeling good. In Slovenia either can be an unforgettable experience, if you know how to make the right choice for you. 

Fancy spicing up your weekend, or making a plan for the whole week, but not sure how and where to begin? Then see our travel plans and soon you will have plenty of ideas. If you are a traveller or a visitor with special needs and requirements, you might find the right solution for you in our column.