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Golfing in Slovenia provides direct contact with nature, and enjoyment of the green countryside, which has a wealth of diversity. And so do the country’s well-kept, convenient golf courses and driving ranges. They can be found in the countryside typical of the Pannonian Plain, among vineyards and hills, below the Alpine peaks and in the idyllic Karst landscape. Golf has taken off in Slovenia in the last 15 years, and now has many fans.
To play golf on Slovenia’s courses is to travel around the country’s different landscapes. You can admire the natural beauty while taking a relaxing stroll of the fairways. Slovenia aims to make all of its golf courses environment-friendly, thereby upholding one of the game’s highest values, namely diversity of landscape.


Slovenia’s golf courses cater for beginners and experienced players alike. Lessons are available for beginners, children and anyone else who wants to improve their skills, both one-on-one lessons, and group lessons.

Slovenia’s first golf course was built in 1938 at Bled, for the king of Yugoslavia. In the post-war period little thought was given to the development of the game, and the Bled course, one of the most beautiful in Europe, was only renovated in 1972. A second course was built in 1989 at Lipica, in the idyllic Karst. It was then that Slovenia’s golfing boom began.

Slovenia also has a number of driving ranges for those who want to work on their shots.

Slovenia’s golf courses cater for beginners and experienced players alike. They are located in different parts of the country, but wherever they are you can admire the natural beauty while taking a relaxing stroll on the fairways. Lessons are available for all those who want to improve their game. One-on-one lessons with pros are also available.

There are more than ten courses to choose from. Take a look at our top ten tips.

• Bled – the oldest course in Slovenia. The stunning landscape and the special design of the course are a challenge for all. You can choose between the 18-hole King’s Course and the 9-hole Lake Course.

• Lipica – the only golf course in Slovenia that is open all year round. In the shade of mighty oak trees in the idyllic Karst, you can play nine holes of golf at the home of the stud farm of the famous Lipizzaners. There is a hotel and casino attached to the course.

• Volčji Potok Arboretum – the course lies among small lakes set in a pine forest. The view of the Kamnik Alps and the immediate surroundings of the Arboretum guarantee a wonderful experience. The invigorating 18-hole course can challenge the finest players.

• Mokrice – the course is set on the rolling hills around the beautiful Mokrice Castle, where guests can stay overnight. The touch of the Mediaeval and the tranquillity of the castle park provide a unique charm. For further relaxation there is the nearby resort of Terme Čatež.

• Moravske Toplice – situated in idyllic Prekmurje, with its thermal spring waters. Inexperienced players can take lessons and practice on the driving range and putting green. More-seasoned golfers can test themselves on the 18-hole course, or compete in organised tournaments.

• Ptuj – the best-kept 18-hole course in Slovenia. The water hazards are the main threat, requiring composure from all players. For even greater enjoyment, take a stroll around the old town centre, and visit the majestic Mediaeval castle and the winery.

• Slovenske Konjice – the Zlati Grič 9-hole course lies in a valley, surrounded by vineyards, and is dotted with streams, ponds and forests. After a good round, why not relax with fine wine and good local food in the nearby restaurant.

• Podčetrtek/Olimje – the 18-hole Olimje course in Podčetrtek offers amazing sand traps and natural water hazards, and is just 3 km from the resort of Terme Olimia. The hospitality of the locals and the beautiful countryside will make you feel wonderful.

• Otočec – Slovenia’s newest course has nine holes, and has been designed to all the latest standards. It is very close to the famous Otočec Castle, which lies on an island in the Krka.

• Trnovo (Ljubljana) – designed for all golfers and golf lovers, this course does not require a permit to play. All nine holes have artificial tees for beginners. After your round you can explore the capital or hit the shops.