Well-preserved natural greenery can be found in Slovenia at almost every step. Even from the cities you can be on a hiking trail within a few minutes. It is therefore no surprise that hiking is such a popular activity. The choice of trails is remarkable: from easier short walks along the valleys and foothills, to highly challenging protected trails in the high mountains, where you can enjoy views of the Alpine peaks. There is something for everyone, but it is rare that you meet large numbers of people. Simply enjoy the peace. 


Slovenia covers just over 20,000 square kilometres, and has almost 10,000 kilometres of signposted trails. So walk around a little, rather than walking straight across. And herein lies the charm of hiking in Slovenia. Some areas will bring you back to discover new surprises in the familiar, while encouraging a visit to new landscapes.


How to hike in Slovenia 
In Slovenia you can hike: 
- forest interpretive trails 
- thematic tourist trails 
- trails specially designed for Nordic walking 
- mountain trails (easy, difficult and very difficult) 
- longer regional trails and cross-county connecting trails 
- in organised hiking events 
- with dedicated hiking agencies 

The majority of the trails can be hiked throughout the year, provided that you are properly equipped and the weather so allows. On hiking trails refreshment comes in the form of local food or an overnight stay in mountain lodges and cabins or at dedicated accommodation for hikers, which is marked with the hikers logo. A number of hotels and other accommodation establishments offer hiking packages


Leave no trace

Be sure that others can enjoy the hiking trails as you did. Everything that you take on the trail should be taken with you after completing the trails, or should be thrown in the bin after finishing or before. 


On the trail with a guide 
The majority of the trails on our list can be visited with a guide after arranging in advance. Hiring a mountain guide for the more demanding trails in the high mountains is particularly advisable on the grounds of safety. Guides can also be a good idea on trails where you want to learn more about the surroundings.


Before departing for the trail it is a good idea to find out the weather on the Environmental Agency website.