Water sports


Water sports and water activities in Slovenia can satisfy even the most demanding guest every day of the year. One of the most popular and accessible sports is swimming, with swimming pools available in many thermal spas and hotels. Adventure sports are among the most enticing in Slovenia. If you want to go rafting or hydrospeeding, head for the River Soča. The Soča's smaller tributaries offer excitingcanyoning.
The Sava, Savinja and Krka rivers are also suitable for kayaks. For more relaxed activities like canoeing and old-style rafting, we recommend the Kolpa and Drava.

Seaside water sports
The Slovenian coast is an excellent region for various water sports. You can swim in organised baths, or rent boats or pedalos. You can learn or practice waterskiing in Portorož. The waters between Piran and Strunjan are excellent for diving: apart from the diverse plants and animals, you can also see the remains of shipwrecks.
The bays of Piran and Koper are excellent for lovers of sailing, with the mistral blowing in the summer and the very powerful bora wind blowing during the rest of the year. From the three Slovenian marinas at Koper, Izola and Portorož, sailors head out to sail in the Adriatic. Sailing boats and motorboats can be hired on the Slovenian coast. Other options include water sledges and inflatable rafts.

Water sports on lakes and rivers
Slovenian rivers and lakes are also well suited to water sports. As well as the Soča, you can go on guided rafting tours of the rapids of the Sava, Savinja, Krka and Kolpa. Kayaking can also be very exciting on these rivers. Smaller valleys and canyons along the Soča offer first-classcanyoning. Canoes are better suited to the calmer rivers and lakes. Canoeing is very popular on the Ljubljanica, Krka and Mura rivers. Canoes can also be hired on lakes at Bohinj, Velenje and Zbilje. On Lake Bled, you can hire boats, or boatmen will take you to the famous island on typical pletna boats.

Old-style rafting 
You can learn about the centuries-old history of Slovenian rafting, historically an important means of transporting freight, while on rafts on the Drava, Sava and Krka rivers. You can also dive in Slovenian rivers and lakes. Divers are drawn by the mysteries of Karst springs, such as Lake Divje Jezero lake near Idrija.