Food and wine


As you enjoy Slovenian food and wine, the circumstances that resulted in the Slovenian proverb that love comes through the stomach will become clear. The delights of Slovenian cooking, hidden in old recipes, are now available at almost every turn. Food with tradition can be seen in family inns, special events called osmice and rural experiences. Its faithful companions are the excellent Slovenian wines. Almost everywhere you go in Slovenia you can find tasty and varied dishes, and Slovenian wines can enthuse even the most demanding wine connoisseur. Slovenia's varied cuisine developed at the meeting place of influences from the cuisines of the Mediterranean, the Pannonian plain, the Alps and the Balkans. You can discover its specialities in 24 different culinary regions. To help you learn about Slovenian cuisine, most places have good inns, while many villages have visitor and tourist farms.

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Hospitality and satisfaction 






Inns are a little more common in the country than in towns. Many of them are family-run, some with a tradition going back a hundred years or more. The range of food offered by inns is very varied, and each offers at least three dishes typical of the district or region.
In Slovenia you will also leave restaurants happy. Anyone interested in other cuisines as well as Slovenian food is well catered for. There are many Italian spaghetti and pizza restaurants, Serbian restaurants with grilled food, international restaurants and numerous Asian restaurants, particularly Chinese.


One special feature of Slovenian cuisine is the osmice in the Karst. At these social events, for eight days farmers serve home-made wine at extremely low prices. Cheeses and dried meat products, particularly the outstanding kraški pršut (air-dried ham), are always available.


Learning about wine
Learn directly about Slovenian winemaking traditions and knowledge on the picturesque wine roads in all 14 wine-growing regions. In places along the way you can visit wine cellars.


Cross the border or in a peaceful shelter 
Given that Slovenia is part of the Schengen area, it is easy to try the hospitality on offer across the northern border in Austrian Carinthia. TheLet's enjoy without borders guide, divided into 11 regions, includes more than 1100 recommendations and suggestions on both sides of the border.


For a peaceful moment in Slovenian towns, you must visit one of the cafés, which have undergone a renaissance in recent years. If you want to try preparing traditional Slovenian dishes, many useful recipes are available.