If you like unwinding in an environment of flashing lights and dynamism, you will love a visit to Slovenia’s casinos. They are not a place for gambling addicts, but for people who love entertainment above all. The casinos in Slovenian cities and tourist destinations are first and foremost an extension to the top-quality services provided by hotels and restaurants, and to their cultural and entertainment events. Gambling in Slovenia is strictly regulated, and is only open to those aged 18 and over.

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Developments along the Italian and Austrian borders 
Gambling in Slovenia has primarily developed in the last 30 years. The casinos are mostly operated by top hotels, with excellent cuisineand a rich culture and entertainment programme. Most casinos lie along the borders with Italy and Austria, and many of the customers come from these countries. The main centres of gambling in Slovenia are Nova Gorica, Portorož, Lipica and Kranjska Gora. You can also enjoy casinos in Ljubljana, Maribor, Rogaška Slatina, Bled and Otočec.
Although most visitors to casinos in Slovenia are willing to lose up to a hundred euros or so, some gamblers at the larger casinos play with more significant sums of money. Private salons are available for such customers.


Casino rules
You must be at least 18 years of age to be admitted to a casino or gaming salon in Slovenia. They generally ask for identification, and will check you against the database of people barred from the casino for various reasons.
At many casinos, when you pay the entrance fee you get chips of the same value.


Leaders in the development of new gaming machines 
A Slovenian company has made a breakthrough in recent years to become one of the world’s leading gaming machine manufacturers. They have already obtained the relevant user licences in the world’s gambling capital, Las Vegas. The company’s gaming machines are also very well represented at other gambling centres around the world, such as Macau and Monte Carlo.