Slovenia is best experienced in nature, in the open air. There are many natural attractions all over the country. The diverse plant and animal life and the varied landscapes are attractive all year round. When you set out on themed trails to the countryside or natural parks, be aware of the importance of the fact that other people also want to enjoy nature. You are also part of a green Slovenia.

Green Slovenia








Slovenia is green mainly due to forests. They cover almost 60 percent of the land, and include virgin forests. The unspoilt nature is no accident, but is the fruit of hard work and conscious behaviour. 
Every year more than a million trees are planted in Slovenia, and various campaigns aim to raise awareness that more needs to be done for nature than just picking up your own rubbish. Learn about Slovenian tourism operators already doing this. Visiting them is also a way of expressing support for their efforts and encouraging them and everyone else to further strengthen green tourism, which is becoming an increasingly powerful advantage of Slovenia over other tourist destinations.






Next exit
You can visit various parts of Slovenia with the help of the themed trails linked under the joint slogan Next exit. All six regions have attractive educational trails and cultural and natural heritage trails. Walking the Next Exit routes includes visiting numerous natural parks by following varied walking trails. Many natural attractions in Slovenia are hidden underground. The beautiful Karst caves found in Slovenia are hard to match elsewhere.

Away from towns 
One major advantage of Slovenia is the friendly countrysideTourist farms are just part of the wealth of attractions that allow you to relax and recharge your batteries. This wealth of experiences all over Slovenia is accompanied by tasty food. Try it and feel Slovenia.