Health resorts, thermal spas & wellness


Slovenia's natural health resorts, thermal spas and wellness centres are pillars of what Slovenia has to offer people for whom health andwellness are important. They combine centuries of tradition, experience of thermal baths and modern findings of experts dedicated to healthy minds and bodies. They are also part of the cream of Slovenian tourist destinations, offering exceptional opportunities for sporting activities, fun, culinary pleasures and quality accommodation. Far from the noise of cities and the frantic pace of modern life, you can focus on yourself and your loved ones in natural health resorts, thermal spas and wellness centres. 


Babbling waters
Slovenian thermal tourism has not developed by chance. Particularly in eastern Slovenia, the site tens of millions of years ago of thePannonian Sea, there are many thermal springs. The benefits of Slovenian thermal waters were first discovered by the Romans. In the middle ages, nobles from all over Europe came to Slovenia for the waters. 
The discovery of the healthy mineral waters of Radenska and Donat Mg gave an important boost to tourism. Therapeutic effects in thermal waters were also discovered in organic and inorganic peloids: humus and mineral-rich mud.


Expanding services
In recent years, health resorts and thermal tourism in Slovenia have experienced an extraordinary boom. Health resorts and thermal spas associated with public health have greatly expanded the services they offer.

Their main activities are: 
Therapeutic activities, which are curative and preventive. They are based on thermal waters, with numerous new treatment methods and new programmes to prevent illness having been developed in natural spas. 
Sports and recreational activities are extremely varied. Swimming in outdoor and indoor pools, tennis, golf, cycling and hiking in the surrounding countryside are just some of them. 
Wellness services include numerous types of massage as well as visits to various saunas and baths. Various therapies and healthy eating programmes are also high quality. 
Healthy and tasty cooking is a constituent part of the services of all spas and thermal baths. 
Social and cultural events. All spas and thermal baths prepare rich programmes throughout the year. 
Business meetings and seminars are held in conference halls in spa and thermal-baths hotels.
Comfortable accommodation is essential. Most health resorts and thermal spas offer comfortable, modern hotels.

Starting points for exploring the Slovenian countryside 
Slovenia's natural health resorts, thermal spas and wellness centres are of course ideal for nature trips, viewing the beauties of nature and exploring the Slovenian countryside.