Natural spas


Slovenian thermal springs were first developed by the Romans, and Slovenian mineral waters were associated with health in courts all over Europe. The water was shown to have health benefits, and natural spas were developed near the waters. Highly trained professionals look after everyone in the spas, but at the same time you can also look after your own health and wellness. To help you, spas offer a wide range of sporting and recreational activities. Far from the bustle of cities and the frantic pace of modern life, you can discover in spas the secrets of unspoiled nature and focus on yourself. Spas allow you to enjoy pleasant family holidays, do something for yourself, your body and soul, and improve your physical and mental readiness.
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Natural properties and dedication of people
The development of Slovenia's natural spas was in the first instance influenced by natural properties. The most important features are thermal waters with various properties and temperatures (from 32 to 73 degrees Celsius) and mineral waters (Radenska Three Hearts and Donat Mg are world-renowned). Therapeutic properties were also discovered in organic and inorganic peloids: mud rich in humus and minerals. Many thermal springs also have beneficial microclimates, while at the coast seawater and brine are also therapeutic.
These intertwined natural properties are enhanced by expert knowledge and an integrated approach to health and wellness. Some spas have centuries of thermalism traditions and experience of balneology, climatology and thalassotherapy. They have developed a number of new treatment methods and new programmes to prevent illnesses that take full account of the findings of modern medicine in individual indicative fields.
Spas have been closely linked with Slovenian public health for a number of years. They help with the recuperation of people with various illnesses and diseases. Each spa specialises in treating between 4 and 9 types of illness and disease. The treatment programmes they provide include activities adapted to the individual.

Allow yourself the best
Slovenian natural spas always place great emphasis on prevention. This is one reason why they offer various sporting and recreational activities, including swimming, tennis, fitness tracks, cycling and horse-riding.
Spas organise social, cultural and folklore events, and from spas you can set out to explore wine roads. The surrounding areas also offer numerous culinary experiences.
Slovenian spas welcome you to modern, well-organised hotels. All of them have saunas, and most also have wellness and fitness centres.