Thermal spas


In the areas around the numerous thermal springs in Slovenia, it is more than just natural health spas that have developed. While many of the thermal spas and health resorts are still using their therapeutic effects to provide medical rehabilitation, they are also extending their services to attract slightly different guests. Of the top thermal centres, special mention should be made of Terme Snovik, the first Slovenian tourist company to obtain the EU’s Eco-daisy emblem for an environment-friendly tourist accommodation facility. 
First and foremost at all Slovenia’s thermal spas and bathing resorts is of course the range of services tied to thermal water, but they are also developing their own specific programmes.
Terme Banovci in Prekmurje, for instance, together with other thermal spas and health resorts associated in the group of Pannonian spas, is focused on family-friendly services. Terme Maribor, which combines five hotels and the medical spa centre Fontana, offers outstanding premises for conferencesTerme Snovik in Kamnik is focused on the culinary dimensions of healthy eating and organic food.
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Main features 
All of this is just fragments of the wealth of services provided by Slovenia’s thermal spas and bathing centres. Assembled into their main components, they cover: 
- Health resort services based on the beneficial effects of thermal springs, 
- Wellness, 
- Water fun in the pools and slides, 
- Sports and recreation, 
- Great food, 
- Accommodation in comfortable, modern hotels, apartment villages and camp sites.

Slovenia’s thermal spas and bathing centres also host a variety of social and cultural events. 

The thermal bathing centres around Slovenia provide something for everyone, so people are happy to return. Try them out yourself. 

At this point we should also mention the Debeli rtič Youth Health and Holiday Resort near Ankaran. As the name itself makes clear, this resort is devoted to young people and children. Each year thousands of children spend their summer at this health resort, where sea water and sea mud are used. They include many children from families that cannot afford this. Their seaside holiday is therefore made possible by Slovenian humanitarian organisations.