Wellness is the feeling of healthy body and soul and a healthy lifestyle. It is an activity that gives us enough energy for happiness, health and satisfaction. Increasing numbers of service providers and their guests are recognising the importance of wellness. Apart from the numerous massages, wellness centres are worth visiting for their various beneficial therapies and compresses, and for healthy eating programmes. Wellness is a harmonic, continuous movement. It is the search for peace and inner balance, nutrition that makes you feel good in body and soul. It is enjoyment under the watchful eyes and gentle hands of wellness experts. 

In Slovenia, wellness centres form part of natural health resortsthermal spas and numerous hotels. They can also be found in the countryside, in apartment complexes and even on ecological tourist farms. Centres can be found on the Slovenian coast and in the mountains

Standard wellness range 
Most wellness centres offer: 
- fitness, 
- solarium, 
- Turkish and Finnish saunas, 
- whirlpool and various baths, 
- massages (classic hand, reflex feet massage, lymphatic drainage). 

Additional services
Some wellness centres also offer massages and other services based on ancient Eastern knowledge (shiatsu, reiki, ayurveda, sawadee, watsu, tui-na, scen tao, hot rock massage). 

The wealth of routes to looking and feeling good also includes: 
- thalassotherapy, 
- aromatherapy, 
- colour therapy, 
- various compresses (spring mud, algae, herbs), 
- meditation and other relaxation techniques. 

Slovenian spas and wellness centres, boasting modern swimming pools and hotel complexes, offer: 
- stress relief and beauty programmes, 
- programmes for healthy eating, achieving and maintaining body weights, controlling cellulite, 
- programmes designed for company managers.

Health care 
Most Slovenian spas and many of the wellness centres have specialist physicians. Apart from classic medicine, in their work they also use many physiotherapy methods, electro- and kinesiotherapy, hypobaric and hyperbaric therapy and other forms of treatment.