Tourist attractions


In Slovenia, you come across different historical eras at every turn. Truly old items are preserved primarily in museums, but archaeological finds can also be seen in their natural setting. Slovenia's natural diversity further emphasises the attraction of important buildings. Slovenian castles are amazing, and the many rural hilltop churches are charming. Cultural-historical monuments and architectural masterpieces can be found in most Slovenian towns.

Treasures of the past

Slovenia's cultural and historical heritage, cared for and preserved with pride, and including valuablearchaeological finds, such as the oldest whistle in the world, can be found in museums. Museum collections are also preserved in some Slovenian castles. Predjama Castle, built into the rock and unconquered for centuries, and linked to cave tunnels, is unique. Bled, Ljubljana and Celje castles are three other wonderful castles. Libraries and archives also preserve a wealth of historic and cultural heritage, with numerous memorials to important Slovenes, and listed buildings, many linked by organisedheritage trails and memorial and cultural trails. 
Architectural masterpieces

Slovenian towns have well-preserved buildings in many famous architectural styles, with medieval centres beautifully preserved in places. Numerous important Slovenian architects have left their mark on Slovenian towns over the centuries, with the best known being Jože Plečnik.
Slovenian towns are decorated with luxurious buildings, usually converted into public buildings. Most coastal towns have palaces. There are many well preserved manor houses on the outskirts of towns and in the countryside.
Slovenian villages and the countryside are distinguished by vernacular buildings with various regions having their own specific features.
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Stamp of Christianity

The thousands of churches in Slovenia are the most visible sign of Christianity in Slovenia. Many stand on unpopulated hilltops, a Slovenian speciality. There are more than 30 monasteries still operating in Slovenia, including five convents. One of the best known is the Cistercian monastery of Stična, while the former Carthusian monastery in Žiče is a major attraction.
Experience nature

Discover the cultural and historic attractions in Slovenia in well-preserved countryside. For trips to the countryside, there are numerous natural parks and a single national park – Triglav National Park. There is also hidden beauty underground, in the majestic Karst caves.Many mountains and hills, visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year, decorate Slovenia. You can try various water sports andfishing on beautiful, fast-flowing rivers. Modern natural spas have been built in eastern Slovenia atthermal and mineral springs.